Our country's air, land and sea are a very advantageous position compared to other countries in transport which takes 3-4 hours from many countries in the world. The advantages of this for you to make the most efficient, with the idea of our country are building the most modern Turkey Logistics Village.

  • 800,000 m2 of land, a total of 350,000 m2 single-storey rented warehouse areas
  • 56 different sizes ranging from 40.000 m2 to 3.000 m2 independent section
  • Combine all your needs related to freight transport here ... ... (storage, warehouse, parking area, offices, repair and maintenance, customs, agencies, social facilities, insurance, bank, motels, restaurants, mosque, market ....)
  • Turkey's first and only logistics village
  • Here is the combined of all your needs related to cargo transportation.